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About Us

True Tech Generator Service Oklahoma strives to provide our customers with optimal services when it comes to generator backup Ok. We have a well-qualified staff of technical experts who conduct the necessary installation and also undergo necessary training sessions to remain updated with the latest generator installation and generator backup techniques.

Other than our technician team that actually conducts the generator installation, we also have a set of supervisors who assist the technicians in conducting their installation. So, even if a technician happens to need a second opinion the supervisors can provide their expertise and make their tasks much simpler. Rest assured, every task is taken up as a challenge and achieved within the stipulated time.

Besides, when you get a mix of the right kind of people with just the skills and experience needed for your job, you know you will get your job done successfully. Moreover, when it comes to True Tech Generator Service Oklahoma, you also get the opportunity to ensure your technician isn’t left in the lurch, if there happens to be a case wherein he hits a dilemma about a certain case. In cases such as these, we have a set of supervisors who help out technicians. Other than this, we also provide our technicians the necessary support, if they need to check previous customer records or require information for a particular installation.